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When in Rome, shoot random footage and make a movie of it

In between attending the MotoTematica Motorcycle Film Festival, vlogging about my experiences there, and seeing what sights I could with my friend, James (who was also taking photographs for a class he's taking), all in a six-day period including travel time, I accumulated some footage of me randomly walking around Rome. On the plane ride back, I came up with an idea of how to tie it all together, wrote a short narrative and put together this 4-minute film short. Using Rome as a symbolic landscape, "A History of Worry" takes the viewer on a tour into the psyche of a man coping with his wife's struggles with stage 4 cancer. Narration by Robert Messel, voice actor and friend, and guitar by Edward Bowley Jr., musician and brother. Shot by my patient friend James who continued to indulge me even after 15 straight hours of various activities in the punishing Mediterranean heat.

You can watch the movie at:

Yours in worry,

Charles Austin Muir

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