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I made a motherf***** movie

Last weekend on my fiftieth birthday, I visited my birth family in Astoria, Oregon, and shot a film short with my brother, Ed Bowley ("Junior"). Neither of us are filmmakers, but we like to work on weird shit. This is our first finished collaboration. It's so much fun to work in a medium outside of writing with no attachment to recognition or success in any way. And it was a family affair. Here's the description:

"Experimental short film about two putrid souls unleashed from the underworld to feed their insatiable appetites on the living for a single day. 5:28 seconds. Slasher cams, Ed Gein monsters, rotting trains, with a dash of Tarantino, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and grimy, barely rehearsed music. Shot on an iPhone on my fiftieth birthday with my brother in Astoria, Oregon."

Trigger warning: The film contains morbid imagery, implied violence, and stalker behavior.

You can watch the movie here:

Glimpses of a Brief Resurrection

Yours in weirdness,

Charles Austin Muir

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