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A day after the one-year cancerversary with my wife (and our 31st anniversary being together), I get to unveil the cover for my third short story collection, SLIPPERY WHEN METASTASIZED!

Think Kafka, cancer, ‘80s horror, hair metal, Eastwood spaghetti western, Bradbury, and The Expendables with a bizarro twist. Coming out in print and ebook on Amazon, B & N, and other online retailers, not to mention straight from me if you message me for a personalized copy (although I don't have to sign it if you don't want). I'm aiming to make SLIPPERY WHEN METASTASIZED available by mid-August.

Here’s the back cover copy:

Telepathic hospice workers... a Danish prince haunted by his immortality... a naked mercenary with the ultimate bioweapon... a ghostly gunslinger in a showdown with the Devil's bandits... a writer losing his dog and his mind... a wormhole with a cure to every human ill...

Slippery When Metastasized.

Sixteen whacked-out, absurdist, cross-genre pieces inspired by the author's wife and her struggles to live with, and overcome, cancer. A journey into shadow, transformation, and the dissolution of sense. A surrealist medical report on the fears, sorrows, joys, wonders, assaults, and tender moments of life when a single phone call shatters even the smallest illusions.

“Charles Austin Muir is a genre to himself... sit back and enjoy the insanity. You'll laugh your way into the abyss and maybe cry a little, too."

--Brendan Vidito, Wonderland Award-winning author of Nightmares in Ecstasy

Art by the creepily imaginative Don Noble.

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