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Glimpses of a Brief Resurrection

Experimental short film about two putrid souls unleashed from the underworld to feed their insatiable appetites on the living for a single day.  5:28 seconds. Slasher cams, Ed Gein monsters, rotting trains, with a dash of Tarantino, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and grimy, barely rehearsed music. Shot on an iPhone on my fiftieth birthday with my brother in Astoria, Oregon.

Trigger warning: The film contains morbid imagery, implied violence, and stalker behavior.

Faster, Santa Claus! Kill, Kill!

Debauched and totally pessimistic holiday horror in a compact 18 pages.'Twas the Night Before Christmas meets Russ Meyer meets Thomas Ligotti.

Brian Muirmorial: The Reboot

A tribute to Brian Domonic Muir, the creator of Critters, featuring essays by filmmakers, authors, family, and friends. Originally published on Brian's Facebook page in September 2020.