Charles Austin Muir is the author of Slippery When Metastasized and the Splatterpunk Award-nominated This Is a Horror Book.

He writes weird shit with references you don't need to recognize to have fun with it. Depending on his mood, he's horror/bizarro/literary with a core of Chicken Soup for the Soul. His stories explore the needs of the human heart by way of the absurd, darkly comic, bizarre, surreal, raunchy, muscly, magical, and utterly ridiculous.

Before venturing into the weirder side of literature, he wrote in the horror genre and appeared in such publications as Peel Back the SkinDark Visions: Volume One18 Wheels of Horror, Hell Comes to Hollywood, Cthulhu Sex Magazine, and Year's Best Hardcore Horror Vol. 1.

He was an obituary writer, humor writer, and fitness columnist before he became a chiropractic assistant and personal trainer. His interests include health and fitness (he was a powerlifter and competed in meets run by the actor who portrayed Buzzsaw in The Running Man), '70s female action TV shows, cult movies, the occult, watching competitive air guitar, and reading off-kilter genre fiction. 

He is also:

-A stereotypically snarky Gen Xer

-A Filipino adoptee

-A spouse of someone living with cancer 

He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his pugs, pit-lab mix, and wife, Kara "Picante," the most badass, bionic woman he could have chosen to help him seek adventure and battle the forces of darkness. 


--Photo courtesy of Kyle Payton


--Photo courtesy of Troy Folsom